The optimal bus-system for quality assurance, process control and data acquisition


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                               Here you can get more information about the Measurement Bus. We are sorry but some pages are only available in German.
                                                                                  These Pages are also available in Russian: 
* Characteristics and Areas of Application * 
* Short summary of application Services according to DIN 66348-3 *
* The Measurement Bus: A simple way of Fieldbus Technologie (350kB) *
* The Measurement Bus: A simple way of Fieldbus Technologie Applied to European Petrol Station Interface (EPSI) *
* Informations of actually Standardisation Works  *
* The Measurement Bus in Process Automation *
* Conformity Tests - which ways for Testing ? *
* Literature about the Measurement-Bus *
* Produktoverview and Sellersoverview *
* An Overview about Measurement-Bus User *
* Anwendervereinigung "DIN-Messbus" e.V. *

  Actually Informations: "Measurement Bus Telegram"  - New Papers  *   *

* Contact us: IFMQ - The Measurement-Bus Competence Center *
* EPSI - European Petrol Station Interface *
* Infida - a Fieldbus-Internet-Database *

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